Tiny Talk – baby signing


When my second baby was 7 months old I was getting pretty frustrated trying to figure out what he wanted. He was frustrated because he couldn't yet crawl and get about or communicate his desires to me, so we both ended up getting grumpy most days. I also wasn't getting out as much as I'd hoped and really needed something new. I'd heard a lot of good things about Tiny Talk in Coalville (but has classes all over Leicestershire)  so decided to give it a try. I quickly decided it was a hit for both of us, the classes are friendly and easy going. The first part of the session teaches you the signs for the week starting with basics like 'milk', 'food/hungry', 'drink' and over the weeks building up to things in the world around like 'park', 'family', 'home' etc. The signs are taught using games and plenty of songs making it fun and interactive for both parents and babies. There is a large sensory element to it with toys, books or touchy feely objects used to demonstrate signs and for the babies to play with. After the first part of the session the toy box comes out and so do the hot drinks & biscuits for the Mummies :) It's lovely to have some free time just to mingle with other parents and to let the babies play with others too.


At home we practiced our signs starting with just the basic ones and building it up, I was amazed how my son learnt to sign 'Milk' within just 2 weeks! It was so helpful that he could tell me when he wanted milk and when he wanted food/drink. I noticed his big development milestones like clapping, waving and even crawling were generally first attempted after our tiny talk class so I can confidently say it really helped him in multiple ways. Here he is getting his certificate for learning 5 signs:

tiny talk certificate
Well Done on learning 5 signs!

So if you're looking for a friendly local mum and baby group to go to I would highly recommend Tiny Talk, for more details see their facebook page for details here