Smile Baby!


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Smile! You’re on Camera


My three most recent sessions have all featured at least one smiley shot and I was so taken with them it prompted me to write a little blog post on it. As my shoots take place before baby is 3 weeks old (ideally under 10 days old) the smiles I capture along with numerous other expressions are lightning fast and unpredictable so they are quite rare. My years of experience however have taught me that there are a few tricks you can do to help one along.

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Some things you can try out at home:

  • Look out for the REM sleep phase and get the camera ready. When baby is just entering or leaving this sleep phase their eyelids tend to move about more and they fidget – they are more likely to smile now so be prepared!
  • Babies love snuggling up to Mum and getting really close. Cuddle up cheek to cheek and have Mum whisper in babies ear or blow on their cheek – this can produce a lovely smile
  • If you do think a smile is imminent then softly stroking the corner of their mouth upwards can sometimes help it along

Ultimately a smile is never guaranteed and remains quite hard to capture on camera until baby is a few weeks older. However if you can photograph one it makes that picture all the more special. Have you managed to get a smiley photo of your newborn? I’d love to hear about it, comment below to let me know :)


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