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When you're pregnant be it the first time or the tenth it's always a unique experience. The Mum's-to-be I speak to all tell me very different stories of how they feel both physically and mentally. With my own pregnancy's I found I felt different with each one and it had nothing to do with the baby's gender. Looking back one thing I do wish I had done different was to make use of the wealth of amazing groups available now and to have accessed more of a support network. Since having children I have completely come to rely on various activities which not only my children enjoy but are also invaluable for getting me out of the house daily and generally keeping me sane. Looking back I wish I had started this process during pregnancy, actually getting out and meeting other mum's-to-be instead of just reading the magazines. 


So if you're now looking for things to do whilst pregnant in Leicestershire here's my top 5 antenatal services for you:


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1) Antenatal/Parentcraft Classes

It goes without saying that one of the first things on a first time Mum & Dad's mind is questions about labour, birth and parenting. An antenatal/parentcraft class is just the place to get all your questions answered and meet other new parents-to-be. You can either go to a larger NHS class or smaller private classes but either will provide lots of useful information and support. Post birth I regularly meet Mum's who keep in touch with the group of friends they made at antenatal classes and enjoy doing activities together with their babies. Some useful links to Antenatal Classes in Leicestershire are:

Babi Antenatal



Daisy Birthing

2) 3d/4d Scans

As well as the nhs 12 and 20 week scans you can also have private scans done which can reveal incredible details about your baby. 3d and 4d scans are now incredibly popular and create amazing images of your baby in the womb

Window to the Womb - Wigston

Miracle in Progress - Shepshed

Meet Your Miracle - Hinckley

Baby Scan - Market Harborough

3) Pregnancy Fitness/Pilates/Yoga

Pre-natal fitness will strengthen your muscles and body for the forthcoming changes during pregnancy and help you to feel better generally, plus it's another great way to meet other Mum's-to-be. I tried my hand at postnatal pilates which you can read about here however I would definitely also do it antenatally should I be lucky enough to have another baby. When choosing a class it's very important that you find somebody specialist in this field who really understands the physiological changes you are going through to ensure you don't put yourself or baby at risk (which also goes for photographers incidentally!) My top Leicestershire antenatal fitness classes are:

Fit4Birth - Woodhouse (just south of Loughborough)

YogaBellies - Bagworth, Syston & Groby

Birth & Beyond Fitness - Leicester City

4) Hypnobirthing

Whilst I don't have any personal experience of hypnobirthing I have only ever heard amazing stories from other women who have used it and achieved wonderfully calm births as a result. I even know of one lady who was so calm she didn't realise just how far along things were resulting in a very unexpected home birth! Local courses I have found are:

Mindful Mamma

Sally Kalmus

Rachel Montgomery

5) Pampering

If you can't pamper and indulge yourself a little bit whilst you are doing all that hard work growing a baby then when else can you!? A little bit of relaxation or retail therapy will do you all the good in the world to have some time out from the daily stresses and the additional pregnancy niggles.

Maternity Photography - with me SR Portraits in Coalville :)

Aromatherapy & Pregnancy Massage - Leicestershire

Baby Clothing Boutique - Ashby de la Zouch

Pregnancy Pampering Treatment - Leicester City

So that's it! I hope there was something useful there for you. If so I'd love it if you let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this post with your pregnant friends! Wishing you a very happy and healthy Pregnancy

Sandra xx


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