Help! My tummy looks like a wobbly jelly!

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post baby smallHelp! My tummy looks like a wobbly jelly!


So the summer of 2015 arrived, I’d had my second baby and was thoroughly tired but happy; however something was bothering me. Post second c-section (which incidentally I found a lot harder to recover from than the first) I was sluggish, generally a bit achy all over and very wobbly around the middle. I don’t ‘do’ pregnancy very well so for the previous 9 months I’d mostly combined sleeping on the sofa with snacking and all-day sickness – I also managed to dislocate my knee and catch pneumonia. So it’s fair to say my pregnancy hadn’t involved much (any!) activity and my body was suffering.  I needed a change but I’ve never done exercise classes (did I mention I’m also asthmatic?) and I certainly wasn’t motivated enough to follow a DVD.


I’ve known Jo Helcke casually for a while now, we’ve had a few chats about business and I’ve had many clients tell me how wonderful her classes are, so I hoped that she might be the right person to help me. I signed up for the 10 week Bouncing Back Class which is specially designed for postnatal Mummy’s like me and is pilates based. In Jo’s words “Bouncing Back is focused on strengthening the postnatal tummy in a safe and effective way”. Was I nervous? YES!! My first week I told Jo all about my dodgy knee which made squats difficult and my asthma history – she was fab. Took it all in her stride and gave me alternative exercises to do when needed. The other Mum’s were lovely too, we all had postnatal bodies so there was no need to be self conscious and my extreme unfitness with accompanying groans at the harder stretches caused good natured laughter (starting with me) rather than any unkindness. Each week would start with some warm up exercises outside (weather permitting) followed by stretches with resistance bands to get our muscles working. We’d then go inside for other exercises or pilates stretches. The babies would generally be in buggies whilst outside and then moved to one of the number of playmats/bouncy chairs available inside. My baby once fell asleep on a mat watching me exercise! (which incidentally he’s never done at home). Overall the course gave me a reason to leave the house, get out in the fresh air and just generally made me feel more in control of myself. It helped me get some flexibility back and started to work on toning up & strengthening my protesting wobbly middle. Most importantly every week as I drove home sweaty and aching a bit I had a huge smile on my face. So thankyou Jo for helping me feel good about myself again xxx


Matthew and I enjoying Bounceback
Matthew and I enjoying Bounceback

If you’re interested in Postnatal Pilates the bouncing back page can be found here


Or if you want a slightly harder challenge (perfect for weightloss) the buggybabies page can be found here


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