Is my Newborn Photographer Safe??

March 3, 2016 SR Portraits

Is my Newborn Photographer Safe??


Ahhhh Safety – that boring word we associate with men in hard hats with clipboards and never-ending training days. However Newborn Baby Safety isn’t boring at all. It’s real and it affects not only my industry but also real families all over the country. I heard of at least 2 babies hurt last year by untrained, unprofessional photographers not putting safety measures in place. So how can you as a parent spot the difference and know that your baby will be safe? Firstly I highly recommend choosing a photographer from Banpas (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) which is the leading association in newborn photography safety. Secondly just ask the photographer if they do composites! A true professional will never mind being asked this as we all want our little clients to be safe. If you’re wondering what a composite is then I hope the following will help


‘A Composite Image is a picture made up of multiple images put together afterwards in post production’

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See here how the baby is supported but I’ve edited the parents hand out afterwards?

Even where I don’t necessarily need the babies head supported I will still ensure someone is close by at all times. Babies are sensitive little things and will throw a great starfish shape at the smallest noise (it’s called the startle reflex); whilst it’s cute it could also cause them to fall if above ground level hence my caution even with a sound asleep baby. Here are my top tips to watch out for during a photoshoot:

  • Temperature – Although the room needs to be very warm to keep a naked newborn happy watch out that they don’t get too warm. Damp hair or sweating are signs your baby is getting too hot
  • Head Control – A newborns head is the heaviest part of it’s body. It should be supported by a blanket or a parents hand at all times and never ever allowed to dangle over the edge of a bucket/prop
  • Props – Props should be weighed down, if a prop is wobbly it’s not safe for your baby. They should also never be made of glass/ceramic or anything breakable
  • Posing – Not all babies will do all poses. Their joints are different and how they have been lying in the womb will affect how comfy they are in different positions. If a baby doesn’t like a pose it should not be made to do it. Also watch out for purple fingers & toes which mean a baby has been lying in one position for too long and needs to be moved

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I hope you found this blog post useful and informative whether you’re a parent or a photographer. Please do visit the banpas website when searching for a newborn photographer and never be tempted to try any of these poses yourself at home. If you would like to contact me to discuss any of this or book a newborn shoot please see the Contact Me page for details. Best of luck to you in your pregnancy and enjoy your new baby! Sandra xx