My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations 2018


My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations

So you're expecting a baby - Congratulations!! In between visiting the toilet 20 billion times a night, you might be browsing your phone and considering taking a babymoon (yes I've been there and done that!). Especially for first time parents this can be a lovely opportunity to have a break together and enjoy some relaxing couple time before you become a family. One of my big regrets is not doing this - now with a 7 year old and a 2 year old we've not had any real alone time for several years and whilst I of course absolutely love my boys I am also missing couple time with my husband. So I decided to help you with your task with my top 5 babymoon destinations (avoiding anywhere with zika virus):


  • 1) The New Forest, Hampshire, UK

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chewton glen 2 300x200 - My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations 2018
chewton glen 3 300x200 - My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations 2018

This hotel offers special babymoon packages complete with facial and Mum-to-be Massage! Situated close to the New Forest and the South Coast you can choose between relaxing on the beach or taking in some beautiful countryside - what's not to love about that!

Chewton Glen - Babymoon Breaks


  • 2) Jersey, Channel Islands

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visit jersey 2 300x225 - My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations 2018

Jersey Is a lovely quaint island tucked away in the channel between uk mainland and France. If you want a holiday but are nervous about travelling too far away during pregnancy then this is a perfect alternative. I struggled to source just one hotel as there are so many options, it really depends what type of holiday you're after - beach, town or countryside, however two websites I did really like are:

Visit Jersey - packed with information about the island

Nurturing Massage (Mother-to-be) - Just one of many spa treatments available at this luxury range of hotels including two hotels in Jersey. They aim to connect mother and baby through the power of touch, working with two heartbeats as one.


  • 3) Venice, Italy

hilton molino stucky venice 300x200 - My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations 2018

A beautiful city located in northeast Italy. It is famous for it's canal network and described as Europe's most romantic city. I really like the Hilton Molino a hotel close to but slightly outside the centre of Venice. It has a rooftop pool with panoramic view over Venice, a spa and a whopping 7 restaurants and bars!

Hilton Molino Stucky - Venice


  • 4) Iceland!

blue lagoon iceland 300x300 - My Top 5 Babymoon Destinations 2018

In creating this blog post I tried to cover a variety of places from the traditional to more unique places. Iceland is definitely one for the more unique pregnant Mums! However it's famous for it's hot springs, thermal spas and amazing food (oh yes and of course the Northern Lights!). So if you aren't bothered about relaxing on a beach then this could be perfect for you.

A good blog about one woman's babymoon in Iceland


  • 5) Big Sur, California

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ranch inn babymoon destination

Ok not an obvious choice I grant you but I came across this amazing hotel which offers morning yoga, stargazing, whale watching and guided hikes and thought wow! All the photos on the website are absolutely stunning too. I warn you though it comes with a hefty price tag! One for the bucket list ....

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur


So that's it, my top 5 destinations for Babymoon's (avoiding zika virus). I hope it has been useful for you. One last guide I also found with some really useful tips was Travelling while Pregnant

I hope that in between all that babymooning you don't forget to book a newborn photographer too! Click here to see my award winning photos and latest work 

Newborn photography Leicester baby smiling in wooden crate with grey background

Best Wishes

Sandra xx