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Kimbles Music & Movement is a really fun group for children aged birth - 7. It has it's main studio in Moira and they also run smaller groups in local communities and at playgroups etc. My local group takes place on a Thursday morning at St David's Church in Coalville. I've been taking Matthew there since he was very little and at 2 years old now he still loves it! We do all sorts of different activities from jumping and singing to playing with musical instruments and getting the parachute out.

Andrea is the lovely lady who runs it, she's great with the kids and happy to join in with all the fun!

We start the session with a welcome song and a couple of active jumping around type songs. There is usually a knee bouncer which the little ones love (although my not so little 2 year old also adores these!) and a moving about song pretending to be a vehicle or an animal. Then it moves on to songs with props such as scarves, teddies, shakers etc.

After that the parachute comes out where we throw the teddies or balls on top and shake them all about 🙂 There are a few different activities with the parachute and then we get the musical shakers, bells and drums out to see how much noise we can make!

We finish up with a story and snack time followed by bubbles and stickers for going home. The whole session lasts 45 minutes and I thoroughly recommend it for anyone with little ones who like music and play.
You can find out more information on the website here:

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