My Banpas PRO Membership Application

March 22, 2016 SR Portraits


My Banpas PRO Membership Application


I’ve been a long time member of Banpas (baby & newborn photography association) going right back to the days when it was called something completely different! I love the organisation because it’s so friendly and informative for both parents and photographers. So when they recently introduced their new PRO level of membership of course I jumped at the chance. However in order to qualify for this you have to submit 12 images to be scored on focus, lighting, exposure and posing  – well that’s not scary at all is it? *she says whilst shaking at the knees*. Like most creative people I constantly criticize my own work and am riddled with self doubt at times. This is good in some ways as it drives me to work harder, constantly learn new things and never get complacent but of course it has it’s drawbacks too.


After a weeks deliberation I decide to man up and just go for it and then spent a day agonizing over which images to submit and carefully checking each with a fine tooth comb for errors. My final 12 images were:

Newborn Photography Leicester SR Portraits


I’m extremely proud and delighted to say that my membership application was accepted with a whopping score of 19.5 out of 20! I’m so pleased and looking forward to enjoying many more years with banpas. The score has also boosted my confidence again and made me all excited for new challenges. Do you ever struggle with confidence in your abilities? I’d love to hear your stories so hit reply and let me know. Sandra xx

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