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I love my Little Sitter baby photography sessions. They are specialised for babies that can sit up independently but are ideally not yet crawling. I first met Bethany from Ellistown, Leicestershire as a tiny newborn when she rocked her newborn photos!

Newborn Photography Leicestershire - baby in white

9 Months later it was lovely to see how Beth has grown. My Baby Photography sessions are all about capturing their emerging personality and she has oodles of it! I don't think I've ever met a baby go through so many different emotions in such a short time. We got some amazing images and also some funny images which will be great to look back on when she's older!

Beth 1 300x200 - Baby Photography - Bethany
Beth 15 300x200 - Baby Photography - Bethany
Beth 39 300x200 - Baby Photography - Bethany
Beth 21 300x200 - Baby Photography - Bethany
Beth 42 300x200 - Baby Photography - Bethany

Ultimately there's always one stand out image which I think will look amazing printed big on the wall. For me that image is shown below (although it was hard to choose!). Thankyou for coming back to see me again Bethany. If you're thinking of having a photo shoot done for your Little Sitter why not try my easy to use contact form and I'll get straight back to you

Sandra xx

Baby Photography Leicester
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  1. Love all the emotions displayed, you don’t see many photos of babies in tears but I can imagine that super one being brought out and laughed at in years to come!

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